Shhhh... it's a secret.
We be edumacated!
Umm, ouch!
" HI there, you other white meat you...."
I hope the third one is a typo.
Irony at it's best
Check your soul at the gate please.
Shhhh....Its a secret #2.
Shhhh....Its a secret #3.
This one is in Phoenix AZ, no lie!
Enough said..
I'm at a loss for words

Idaho State Legislatures putting the street dealers out of business.

Amazingly, Bob and Dave never made it to their original destination… wherever it was.


Have another beer buddy. It won't be so damned funny tomorrow!

What a dilema.

Caution! Handicapped person eating alligator at end of ramp.

Turbo powered bar stool - Cool!

Sometimes a simple namechange is best.

aaaaaaa, okay...... if you say so....

I think I'll just keep going, thank you!

Overdoing it a bit huh? What about the women?

Somehow I just don't think this will work!

Here's one you won't see often